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There are numerous events that could occur, which would have a devastating effect on life as we know it. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is surely one of them. Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are oversized outbursts of atmospheric electricity. Whether powered by geomagnetic storms or by nuclear blasts, the resulting affect on magnetic fields can be strong enough to burn out power lines and electrical equipment across state lines. An EMP would take down the power grid in an instant.

In recent news, Arizona (Gear Up Center’s home state) passed a bill requiring the state to educate their residents on how to prepare for an EMP. They will provide tips on water, food storage, and the medical supplies that would be needed during this type of catastrophe. While they are the first state in the country to do this, it is hopeful that it will open the doors for more to follow. After all, with the number of unpredictable disasters taking place in our country every year, it is vital that everyone adopts the principals of

We applaud Arizona for taking steps in preparing for the effects of an EMP. Yet, the thought of the grid actually going down is an unbelievably hard concept to swallow, and would mean intense lifestyle changes in addition to acquiring various survival skills.

In the United States, we are reliant on electricity for really EVERYTHING. This is an overwhelming truth that can’t be denied. For this reason, it is important to break down the areas of your life where you use electricity, and learn how to replace them with more primitive but reliable solutions.

I would like to provide some creative tips on what would be important skills, products and resources to have in case of an EMP. As a topic of such great magnitude, let’s break it down into smaller categories and relay them in the preparedness series beginning here.

The first area I would like to address is communication. In our society, we spend so much time communicating with each other. Whether it’s on social media or through cell phones, everyone is more connected than ever before. By clicking onto Face Book, you will learn just as much about the girl that sat behind you in math class, as you do your actual
real life best friend. This accessibility has lead our generation to interact largely with each other through the use of computer and screens.

If an EMP were to occur, it would propose a problem to those who prefer technological communication, forcing people to actually “Laugh Out Loud.” In fact, this limited mobility
would also drive people to interact not only in person, but also in smaller radiuses than we are currently used to. In this type of dire situation strong communication skills are most essential, not just for your entertainment, but indeed would be necessary for your very survival. Here are some important ways that words may be just what keeps you alive.

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-Tim Ralston

Tim Ralston
Author Tim Ralston is an international spokesman and recurring featured survival expert on National Geographic’s #1 rated program DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. Tim owns the survival brand Gear Up, exclusive manufacturer and provider of cutting-edge survival gear and apparel. Contact Tim on Twitter: @gearupguy-tim Gear Up Center: (480) 306-4945 Scottsdale, AZ.