Hands on Preparedness- Campfire in a Can

campfire in a can 3

Improvised Survival Tools- Hands on Preparedness

As an advocate for preparedness, I believe there is nothing more valuable to survival than the knowledge that you possess. If the “it” were to hit the fan, it is crucial that your family be
prepared with the vital essentials. Yet, without really knowing what the “it” may be, it is also of great importance to be educated in ways of resourcefulness!

One reason to prepare is due to the world-wide rise of natural disasters. Unsuspecting cities have been turned to ruble because of storms, etc., leaving families desperate with the
limited supplies available during the aftermath. This is where the benefit of being able to improvise your own survival tools may come into play. Learning how to take the most common objects and turn them into essential and useful emergency items can be a critical lifesaving skill to have in times of devastation.

There are many other motivations behind my efforts in encouraging these do-it-yourself projects. Beside heightening your chances of survival if the “it” were to ever happen, they are also a fun way to bring you back to the basics. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to depend on your own abilities, not only in necessary times of trouble, but during fun family outings as well.

One of my favorite homemade survival tools is the campfire in a can. This project requires very few supplies and is effective in multiple applications. You can use the campfire in a can for warmth, cooking, or illumination, all without the need for fuel. This mini campfire is also portable and easy to extinguish when you are on the move. Cool to the touch, you can quickly cover the can with the lid and be on your way!

Campfire in a Can Supplies Needed:
• Tin with a lid
• Paraffi n wax or old candles.
• Corrugated cardboard

Assembly Instructions:

1. Cut the piece of cardboard ¼ inch shorter than the length of the can.

2. Tightly roll the cardboard and place it inside the can. Be sure to use a piece large enough so that when coiled, it fills the can in its entirety.

3. Melt the wax in a pot and slowly pour into the can until it is filled.

4. Let wax set inside of the can until hardened. There are many other great tools that can be improvised from common household items. Follow my column for more fun and resourceful ideas, which
will allow you to rise to a new level of preparedness whether for fun or survival!

Tim Ralston
Author Tim Ralston is an international spokesman and recurring featured survival expert on National Geographic’s #1 rated program DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. Tim owns the survival brand Gear Up, exclusive manufacturer and provider of cutting-edge survival gear and apparel.
Contact Tim on Twitter: @gearupguytim
Gear Up Center:(480) 306-4945
Scottsdale, AZ.

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