Excercise/Nutrition on the Road

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Vacation! Time to experience adventure, relaxation and just get away from the “same ol, same ol.” Believe it or not, it is a good idea to take a break from your exercise routine, as well. And when you travel, I want you to take advantage of the area’s cuisine. However, I don’t want you to come back from your trip regretting the extra 5-10 pounds that seemingly jumped onto your body while you were enjoying yourself! So let’s talk about strategies for your exercise and eating while you are on vacation.

First, the exercise you do depends on the vacation location and the activities you are planning. If you are planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I think you have the exercise part covered!! The same is true if you are planning a skiing trip to Colorado. If you are considering a cruise, however, you might need to plan some exercise beyond just walking to the deck and finding a good chair to claim for your sunning time! And, unfortunately, walking from one store to the next in a port city doesn’t really count as exercise, either. Bummer, I know. Most cruises do offer exercise classes as well as having a small gym available. My advice for vacation is to take a class that you have never done before. Let your guard down and experience something new. Your body will appreciate the movement, and your mind will be challenged. And remember, you will most likely never see any of these people ever again, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious! If you are not on a cruise, you can seek out a local gym that provides a “day pass” and you can do the same thing. Try it. You might actually find a new passion. The key is to get some kind of concentrated movement into each day of vacation.

Now to address the food issue: vacations put lots of different challenges in your path when it comes to eating well. If you are staying in a condo that has a kitchen, you have more control than if you have to eat in a restaurant for every meal. Either way, though, the “2/3 rule” is a way to approach vacation eating: choose one meal each day that will be your “adventure meal,” and eat clean the other 2 meals. This gives you the opportunity to try out the local cuisine and splurge a little bit without going overboard. You will have more energy for your activities during the day because you won’t be so bogged down by eating heavy foods for every meal. And do your best to eat small portions frequently for the 2/3’s time with as many vegetables as you can. Remember, you still get to indulge for one meal each day!

Obviously, this is focused on fun, vacation-type traveling. You have to approach your meals and your exercise differently if you are a frequent business traveler. If you would like some tips on meal planning for business travel and some simple ideas for working out without having to go to that dirty little room that most hotels called their “fitness center,” send me an email with the subject line “Business Travel” to dbailey@theconditioningclassroom.com and I will help your next trip be a little healthier.
-Diane Bailey
Dianne has been providing professional weight management and sports conditioning training for individuals since 2002 and opened The Conditioning Classroom, a private personal training studio, in 2006. She earned the prestigious designation of Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist from the National Sports Conditioning Association in 2007. Dianne is dedicated to helping others learn to truly live as opposed to simply existing. From self-defense classes which teach living as an acute response to helping create the right exercise and nutrition plan so that life becomes chronically enjoyable, Dianne and the trainers at The Conditioning Classroom have helped countless numbers of individuals become vibrantly alive!

Email your fitness questions to Dianne at: DBailey@TheConditioningClassroom.com

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