Freedom from Styling


Freedom from Styling by Andre Aronica

It’s that time of year when the sundresses and sandals come out, pool parties abound, and casual backyard gatherings redefine your weekends. You don’t have to sacrifice great style just because the temperatures are reminiscent of the surface of the sun. Try letting your hair show its true colors! Is your daily routine to spend 45 minutes taking out that gorgeous natural wave?

Instead of being chained to your flat iron or blow dryer, try adding Aquage’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray while your hair is still wet, scrunch it in, let your hair air dry, and voila gorgeous natural waves perfect for an afternoon soiree! Prefer more of a structured, polished look? Opt for a side swept braid with an embellished headband. The key to creating a refined braid is the right product. Start with Unite Eurotherapy’s Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner to lock in your hair’s much needed moisture. Next add a smoothing cream while your hair is still wet – we like Unite’s U Luxury Moisture Shine – and braid away! Once the braid is complete, give it a quick once over with a light hold hairspray like Aquage’s Finishing Spray and for healthy shine, finish it off with an aerosol shine spray; our favorite is Beyond Shine from Aquage.

If your skin is feeling the heat, try a hydrating treatment free from chemicals and added fragrances that can further irritate your skin. Our favorite series for parched summer skin is Eminence’s Arctic Berry Peptide System. Read more on pg. 33

Aronica,Andre (1)
Andre Aronica Andre Aronica is the owner of “Dre’s Hair Salon &Spa”(Scottsdale, AZ). Andre has over 25 years of experience behind the chair and a portfolio backed by numerous celebrity clientele. Andre has driven his salon to be one of the industry’s leaders.

Dre’s Hair Salon & Spa
15551 N Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Call Dre’s:(602) 368-2009
Visit our website:

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