Self Awareness Before Self Defense

432c35f99ce667a4f268abb9b0397e23While I am a huge proponent to having the physical ability to defend yourself, I have found that if you are “aware” the chances of being involved in a physical confrontation drops dramatically. Although it can be a fine line between “awareness” and “paranoia” to some people, even adopting some of the following will strengthen your personal security.

Begin your journey of “situational awareness” by regarding yourself and your immediate family members as a “secure area”. For your area to be secure, you need to implement awareness of a 360 degree perimeter at all times (or as often as possible). This means that as you go about your normal activities try to be attentive to what is going on all around you. If you do this you will be in a better position to react to a problem before it is too late.

Here are a few simple examples of how to increase awareness that can easily fit into every day life :

1. When driving, never be trapped in a center lane, use an outside lane if possible and scan what is going on as far in front, behind and side to side as you can. This will increase your readiness if an emergency should arise.

2. When dining, pick a table near an exit where you can view the entrance and be aware of who comes in and what they do.

3. When returning to your car, have your key ready and approach your car from an angle so that you can see around most of it. Only unlock the doors and enter the car when you feel safe. Once inside, lock the doors and leave. Do not remain in your vehicle checking texts, email, etc.

4. Human nature and its curiosity can sometimes get the best of us when witnessing a confrontation, we sometimes to want to see what is going on. Don’t stick around! It is always best to leave the area as soon as possible., and get help.

Any confrontation, from a dissatisfied customer at a retail store, to shouting parents at their kids’ sporting event, can quickly and unreasonably escalate into dangerous situation, especially In todays world. Stay vigilant about your awareness and you will decrease your chances of being caught in a bad spot.

Next time I will give you my list of rules for living safer!



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