Venues-Milan, Italy

Venues-Milan COVER

Venues- Milan, Italy.

by Micha Wilhoite

Milan, Italy, otherwise known as the fashion capital of the world. Many fashion lovers dream of Milan and the treasures they will find there amongst the famous shopping plaza Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The truth is, treasures will be found in Milan, fashion will be found, Italian architecture will be found, the adventure of being in the hustle and bustle of the city will be found, a blend of modern design and historical familiarity will be found, and yes even some really, really good cappuccinos will be found.

Picture this, a busy city. One minute you are riding a crowded tram trying to navigate through heavy traffic It stops for a brief second and you must hurry to get out at your stop or you miss the opportunity. You make your way through the rest of the city by foot, walking fast as is the flow of the city, and try to avoid being hit by a Vespa that’s zooming through busy traffic You dodge the Vespa, turning into a narrow alleyway, and suddenly it’s like you are in a different place at a different time. The atmosphere becomes serene as you look around at the beautiful, looming, traditional,Italian style architecture. The traffic noises become more distant and almost soothing. The sun shines in over the top of the buildings to illuminate the alleyway, birds chirp, and suddenly it hits you, you are in Italy! Charming, romantic, passionate Italy.

At first glance Milan is modern and industrial, but as you make your way through the city to the Galleria, you find that Milan keeps much of its historical charm intact. The famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the cathedral “Duomo” are prime examples of historical Italian architecture within the modern industrialism.

The Galleria itself houses numerous high-end designer shops as well as infamous cafés and restaurants. As a lover of fashion, I made this vast plaza a top priority during my stay in Milan. I was not let down, the atmosphere and architecture in themselves are worth seeing. The galleria is one of the world’s oldest shopping centers, it was built between 1865 and 1877. The atmosphere within the structure is romantic, charming, and historical (with a contradictory modern vibe). The structure itself is made up of two glass arcades that intersects into an octagon, topped with a glass dome and cast iron roof. This central covering to the Galleria covers the streets that connect two other historical structures- The Piazza del Duoma and Piazza Della Scala.

Read the rest of the article along with facts, tips, and a snapshot of Micha’s trip details (on pages 13-15 of the Independence Issue) here.

Micha Wilhoite

Micha Wilhoite grew up traveling throughout Europe. She is a travel enthusiast and enjoys sharing some of her travel experiences in our “Venues” column.

Author Micha Wilhoite enjoying authentic Italian Tiramisu in Milan, Italy
Author Micha Wilhoite enjoying authentic Italian Tiramisu in Milan, Italy

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