Hard & Soft Style Martial Arts

The Budo Shingikan Dojo Philosophy on Hard and Soft Martial Arts

“The Graduate School of Martial Arts”

hard and soft martial arts

As an instructor, one of the greatest compliments shown to me is the happiness of my students with our martial system and our programs at the Budo Shingikan Dojo. The other finest compliment I could receive is when a student makes the commitment to travel the path leading to a place within our Yudansha Kai (group of black belt students). When a student makes this their primary goal as a student at The Budo Shingikan Dojo it shows that they are willing to put in the effort needed to start learning the martial arts as it is only within the black belt ranks that true martial wisdom starts to develop.

I use the phrase, “the graduate school of martial arts”, because being a martial system, we don’t teach a singular “martial art” at The Budo Shingikan Dojo. One of my most senior students in our black belt ranks came to us with previous martial arts experience. One day in conversation he said, “Sensei, our Dojo really is the graduate school of martial arts”. I have always taken this type of comment as a HUGE compliment. The fact that so many of my students see the value within studying Budo fills me with joy. I am also extremely lucky because 90% of my students came as black belts in other martial arts, or have a few years of martial art experience. I simply love that our programs at the Budo Shingikan Dojo appeals to both brand new students of the martial arts and to folks who have already taken up the martial arts lifestyle and find a place here at my Dojo for growth and enjoyment in their lives.

The other day I had a new student who came to us for a trial. During the interview process, which we put all new students through as a way to select which students we accept at the Budo Shingikan Dojo, she posed a question, and a very good question. This trial student comes from a martial arts background and asked whether we consider Bushin Ryu to be a “hard” or “soft” style. This is a great question because I feel this is a topic with which we see a lot of confusion within the martial arts community.

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In Oneness,

Dedeuc D’Antonoli Sensei

Founder of the World Bushin Ryu Federation

Founder and Chief Instructor of The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts


Dedeuc D'Antonoli Sensei

One thought on “Hard & Soft Style Martial Arts

  1. D’Antonoli Sensei always broadens my enjoyment or our martial system. His depth of knowledge and insights are always inspirational. They always make me take pause and think and contemplate more…. He is always constantly learning and expanding his views and I relish each morsel that he shares with us. Our plate is never empty there are new goodies all the time and he encourages us to share our thoughts and expand our way of thinking. Thank you Sensei!

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